@font-face {
font-family: '';
src: url();
font-weight: normal;
font-style: normal;

Detailed instruction

This website gives you possibility to use your custom font for Sharpspring landing pages.

As you might know, only a few font options are available in Sharpspring by default. You can extend this number with help Google fonts and @import a font into CSS section of you landing page. But lets say you have a file for the font used on you website and this one isn't a Google font and not included as Sharpspring default. Since we can't add this file into system it seems to be impossible. But we know how to do it. Instead of specifying the path to the font file we will use converted into base64 format code.

So all you need is to select or drag and drop the font file inside bordered window.
You you'll get full CSS code of custom font import. You can copy it yourself or click copy button.
Next step is to move into landing page and paste it in <head> inside <style>.
The last one is to decide which elements gonna use your custom font. For example:

body h1 { font-family: "myFont"; }